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How can I help?


I offer individual and family-based counseling in English for children (3 years+), adolescents, and adults in my office in Geneva and via tele-therapy. I work from a cognitive-behavioral therapeutic approach using research-supported psychological therapies to help my clients overcome emotional and behavioral challenges including:

  • anxiety

  • behavioral problems

  • depression

  • hyperactivity & trouble paying attention

  • picky eating

Cognitive behavioral counseling is a short-term therapy that focuses on learning and practicing new skills to help you respond differently to thoughts, feelings and behaviors that are currently causing problems in your life.


When I work with young children, parents are also actively integrated into our work using a family-based CBT approach. Family-based counseling allows parents and children to learn and practice these skills together to enhance the parent-child relationship and integrate the coping skills into your family's daily life.

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